Check Pnr Status

Check PNR Status

What is PNR?

Whenever a passenger wishes to travel by train or by flight he needs to book tickets.  The ticket is booked a few days in advance in order to be sure of obtaining a seat and a berth.  While booking a ticket the passenger has to give the name or names of the passengers, age, date of travel, place of departure and the place of destination in the reservation form.  This data is fed into the computer and the Computer Reservation System generates a Passenger Name Record shortly called as the PNR.  This PNR number is a 10-digit number.  This number gives complete information about the Passenger Name Record in the ticket.   A printed ticket with all the information recorded is given to the passenger with the PNR number.  This number is unique and no two tickets will carry the same PNR.

Indian Railways PNR Status

While reserving a ticket, if the seat number and the berth number are not allotted and the ticket is in the waiting list (WL), the waiting list number will be printed in the ticket.  If the passenger knows how to check PNR status, he can log on to the computer and open the official Indian railways website.  The is the official website of the Indian Railways in which PNR status check in irctc is done.  Once the PNR number is entered the number is processed and the website will display the PNR status.   PNR status check in irctc helps the passenger to know whether the waiting list number has gone up in advance or if his seat/berth is confirmed.

Airline PNR Status

Passengers who wish to travel by air also can fill in their names, age, date of journey, place of departure and the destinations in the reservation form provided by the airlines and book their tickets.  Passengers can either book their tickets through a travel agency or with the help of a computer with internet connection.  Flight tickets also carry a unique PNR number for each ticket.  Passengers can check PNR status by calling the travel agency and giving their PNR numbers or by logging on to the computer and feeding the PNR number in the airlines official website.

Sometimes passengers may have to travel by more than one flight to reach a particular destination.  The PNR number with multiple travel destinations is stored in the database of the airlines Computer Reservation System (CRS).  This PNR is known as the Master PNR and all the places of departure and destination will be printed in the ticket.  This is known as the itinerary of the passengers.  Check PNR status facility also helps the flight passengers to check the confirmation status of their tickets.  Check PNR status also helps the passengers to cancel their reserved tickets either for railways or for airlines travel.